Ling Zhi

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靈 芝

Common Name: Lucid ganoderma. Pharmaceutical name: Ganodermae lucidi. Latin botanical name: Ganoderma japonicum.

The name Ling Zhi in Chinese translates as “Divine Immortal Mushroom.” Also, more popularly known by its Japanese name,  “Reishi.” This is one of the oldest known mushrooms, having a two thousand–year history in Chinese medicine. The history of Ling Zhi is very extensive, and has long been associated, in Taoism especially, as being an herb of immortality.

Main uses for Ling Zhi in Chinese medicine:
Anti-aging, calming anxiety, curing insomnia, alleviating pain in loins and joints. Remedies shortness of breath and fatigue. Relieves asthma and coughing. In modern research, Ling Zhi has proven very effective in treating Hepatitis B.

Ling Zhi stimulates the lung, kidney, liver, heart, spleen, and stomach meridians. Treats lung, kidney, heart, and qi deficiencies.

Recommended daily dosage: 3 to 10 grams decocted in water and taken as tea.