Goji Berry

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狗 杞子

Common Name: Wolfberry. Pharmaceutical name: Fructus Lycii. Latin botanical name: Lycium barbarum.

The name Goji in Chinese is actually Gou Qi, and translates as …

Main functions of Goji in Chinese medicine:
Improves and regulates the immune system, has anti-aging properties, lowers blood lipids, increase testosterone, protects the liver, contains anti-aging properties, stimulates estrogens, improves white blood cell counts, lowers blood sugars and blood pressure, is an anti-oxidant, and enhances memory function.

Goji stimulates the lung, liver, and kidney meridians.

Recommended daily dosage: 6 to 15 grams each day. Either decoct in boiling water and drink as tea, or simply eat the dried fruit.